• Private Equity

    MCLLP occupies a unique position as a boutique law firm with a premier private equity practice. The Firm is led by attorneys who specialize in representing private equity firms in acquiring and investing in a wide range of companies, public and private, domestic and international. The Firm’s attorneys possess the tax, accounting and financial literacy required to be valuable advisors to their private equity clients.

    Typically, private equity clients will retain MCLLP to assist with various transactions they pursue with each portfolio company, from initial investment, through add-on acquisitions, dividend recapitalizations, refinancings and, ultimately, disposition.

    In the constantly evolving private equity landscape, MCLLP stays up to date with the most cutting edge strategies and market trends in structuring and negotiating transactions. The Firm is adept at counseling both newer and smaller private equity groups and larger institutional participants. Its clients appreciate MCLLP’s commercial approach to addressing even the most challenging deals.

    Add-on and Roll-up Transactions

    In addition to representing private equity investors and other sponsors with platform company acquisitions, MCLLP does a substantial amount of work with subsequent add-on and tuck-in transactions. Working side by side with its clients, the Firm advises on structuring, tax and business integration considerations unique to “buy and build” strategies, looking to harness efficiencies and synergies from various angles. Additionally, the Firm possesses particularly strong experience representing financial buyers in executing roll-up strategies as they seek to achieve consolidation in fragmented industries.

    Distressed M&A

    MCLLP represents private equity firms and other investors in acquiring or restructuring their investments in distressed businesses through in-court and out-of-court processes, including through Bankruptcy Code Section 363 asset sales and reorganization under other state and federal insolvency regimes. In each case, the Firm is instrumental in navigating the complex restructuring process, identifying and avoiding undesirable insolvency-related liabilities, addressing management and financing matters, devising solutions to satisfy the often broad range of diverging interests among constituents, and providing strategic counsel with respect to tax and structuring considerations.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    MCLLP is a leading boutique law firm offering counsel on domestic and cross border mergers, acquisitions and other significant transactions. The Firm represents private equity firms and other financial sponsors, public and private companies and other entities and institutions across the full range of strategic and financial M&A transactions. In addition to buy-side representation, MCLLP is adept at helping sellers, ranging from families and founders to institutional owners, navigate challenging sale processes, recognizing the potential significance this event holds for some sellers.

    Industry Focuses

    While MCLLP represents clients in a wide array of industries, the Firm has deep experience in transactions with healthcare, industrial, aerospace and defense, energy, consumer products, food and beverage, entertainment/digital media and technology businesses.
  • Growth Equity

    Growth equity transactions typically present dynamics that may differ substantially from buyouts and early stage investments, and MCLLP has extensive experience advising clients on such unique elements. For example, growth equity investors may employ more highly structured investments and negotiate creative governance rights distinct from conventional majority control in buyouts. MCLLP is set apart from other law firms with its facility in engineering complex governance and economic arrangements aimed towards effectively aligning interests among investors and existing company equityholders in growth equity deals.

  • Venture Capital

    MCLLP has extensive experience in representing venture capital funds and other private investors in venture capital financing transactions, from seed investments to later series financings. The Firm advises on a wide range of creative and constantly evolving financing structures uniquely employed by venture capital investors, including convertible notes, series preferred equity financings and SAFE transactions.

  • Family Offices / High Net Worth Investors

    MCLLP is attuned to the needs and investment values of family office and high net worth investors, which may often be distinct from those of traditional private equity groups, including with respect to longer investment horizons, unique tax and estate planning considerations, less institutionalized internal operations and perhaps lower frequency of deal activity. MCLLP can add value by leveraging know-how and techniques applied in private equity deals for the benefit of this group of investors.

  • General Corporate Governance / Counseling

    MCLLP attorneys represent companies, often including portfolio companies of its investor clients, through the entire company life cycle – from formation and initial funding, to subsequent financings and through eventual exit. Equipped with broad transactional expertise, the Firm acts as outside general counsel to its rapidly growing clients and works closely with senior management on critical aspects of each client’s business. In that role, the Firm advises its clients in structuring and negotiating key commercial contracts, executive compensation matters, licensing agreements and strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

    In addition, MCLLP provides guidance to management and governing boards on a full range of corporate governance matters. The Firm frequently advises on challenges facing senior leadership and boards with respect to their fiduciary duties and procedural best practices, including in connection with executive compensation matters, board composition and structure, conflicts of interest and succession planning. In doing so, the Firm stays apprised of the latest jurisprudence in the complex and dynamic corporate governance landscape.

    With each client, MCLLP invests time at the outset of its engagement to understand the client’s business goals and challenges. This “business first” approach ensures that legal resources are allocated efficiently in achieving the client’s objectives.

  • Fund Formation / Investment Partnerships

    MCLLP advises fund sponsors, including emerging managers and other private investors, in forming private investment funds and targeted deal syndicates. The Firm’s fund formation practice has substantial experience with committed fund structures in private equity, venture capital, real estate and other asset classes, as well as discrete joint venture and other investment partnership opportunities that often present themselves to some of our independent sponsor, family office and high net worth clients.

    Through extensive experience and reliance on interdisciplinary specialists, including with respect to tax and securities laws, MCLLP offers sophisticated insight into market terms and state of the art structuring. The Firm applies its practical approach in accounting for the distinct challenges related to raising and managing successful funds.

  • Debt Finance

    MCLLP advises a broad range of borrowers and lenders in various types of debt financing transactions, including acquisition financings, term and revolving loans, asset-based financings, first and second lien facilities, mezzanine financings, bridge loans and real estate financings. In an ever-changing lending environment, MCLLP ensures that its clients are leveraging the latest innovations in financing structures and knowledge of market dynamics to enable them to meet their business goals.

  • Corporate / Partnership Taxation

    MCLLP’s attorneys understand that tax considerations are central to every transaction. The Firm stays abreast of the latest technical know-how and advises its clients on the tax consequences of highly complex transactions in order to ensure that they are achieving their economic goals and vision. The Firm endeavors to deliver clear, innovative and efficient tax structuring guidance for transactions of all sizes, especially in scenarios where tax considerations can affect fundamental deal outcomes. MCLLP strives to offer tax guidance at the earliest appropriate moments in a transaction, with the belief that this approach can be crucial toward achieving the business objectives of its clients and creating economic value.

  • Real Estate Finance

    MCLLP represents owners, developers and capital providers in sophisticated commercial real estate transactions.  Specifically, the Firm’s real estate practice is focused on joint ventures and investment funds, equity and debt financings (including construction, conduit and mezzanine loans), acquisitions and dispositions, commercial leasing, distressed asset workouts and loan restructurings, development and construction, and hotel management and license agreements.

    Additionally, MCLLP represents high net worth individuals, real estate private equity investment funds and similar investment groups in the formation, structuring and management of various pooled real estate investment vehicles.