MCLLP occupies a unique position as a boutique law firm with a premier private equity practice. The Firm is led by attorneys who specialize in representing private equity firms in acquiring and investing in a wide range of companies, public and private, domestic and international. The Firm’s attorneys possess the tax, accounting and financial literacy required to be valuable advisors to their private equity clients.

In the constantly evolving private equity landscape, MCLLP stays up to date with the most cutting edge strategies and market trends in structuring and negotiating transactions. The Firm is adept at counseling both newer and smaller private equity groups and larger institutional participants. Its clients appreciate MCLLP’s commercial approach to addressing even the most challenging deals.


In addition to representing private equity investors and other sponsors with platform company acquisitions, MCLLP does a substantial amount of work with subsequent add-on and tuck-in transactions. Working side by side with its clients, the Firm advises on structuring, tax and business integration considerations unique to “buy and build” strategies, looking to harness efficiencies and synergies from various angles. Additionally, the Firm possesses particularly strong experience representing financial buyers in executing roll-up strategies as they seek to achieve consolidation in fragmented industries.


MCLLP represents private equity firms and other investors in acquiring or restructuring their investments in distressed businesses through in-court and out-of-court processes, including through Bankruptcy Code Section 363 asset sales and reorganization under other state and federal insolvency regimes. In each case, the Firm is instrumental in navigating the complex restructuring process, identifying and avoiding undesirable insolvency-related liabilities, addressing management and financing matters, devising solutions to satisfy the often broad range of diverging interests among constituents, and providing strategic counsel with respect to tax and structuring considerations.